Homak Gun Safe Run Down

 Homak Gun Safe Run Down

Homak is a company that’s been around for 57 years, well known for their tools and tool organizational products. What they’re also famous for is their gun storage .38 special ammo  equipment, as well as gun safety accessories, like trigger locks. Homak gun safes are a very cheap alternative for gun storage. Although the majority of their long gun units are actually gun cabinets, not safes, they’re still a reasonable option for keeping guns out of the hands of children, and less-than-motivated thieves.

What you can expect out of a standalone Homak gun cabinet is a storage unit with a capacity of anywhere from 6 to 12 rifles and shotguns, locked through keyed entry, surrounded by glorified sheet metal (even though they’re oddly advertised at 7/8″ inch steel), with a few shelves and plastic bins included. They’re almost 60 inches tall, and anywhere from 70 to 110 lbs empty. That said, a seasoned burglar would have no trouble cutting, prying, drilling, or lifting one of these things. You children, however, would have quite a time trying to break in. Homak offers their standalone cabinets in a corner safe option as well.

Homak also sells wall gun safes. They’re keyed entry, and they don’t come available in biometric or keypad design, so you may want to reconsider if ultra-quick access is at the top of your priorities. Other than that though, they’re decent wall safes. They fit in between your studs, have a gun capacity of three long guns, and weigh around 50 lbs, all for just a little over $100.

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