A Nepal Trekking Tour for the Holiday Anyone?

Nepal is the land of picturesque sunsets and glorious panoramic views; this country is the gateway to the Himalayas and if you are wondering what is the best thing to do in Nepal then get ready for a trekking tour courtesy of experienced local guides.

The best way to experience Nepal on foot; a trekking tour lasts for approximately eight days with a tour of the rolling countryside. You may wonder why it takes more than a week to tour Nepal it’s because there is just too much to see and experience on foot. Trekking tours are the most popular Nepal tour packages for tourists and these tours are done with the help of experienced and safe guides.

Trekking tours usually begin with a tour of the main cities in Nepal like Pokhara and Kathmandu. These cities are rich in culture, history and the arts with so many places to go and interesting sights to see. A trek to Annapurma is the first schedule in your travel itinerary followed by a city tour of Kathmandu. This city is known for its glorious past but it also kayaking sofia has modern hotel conveniences like luxury hotels, high class restaurants and impressive modern shops. The city of Kathmandu also has interesting heritage sites with warm and hospitable people to meet you anywhere. Drubar Square is the most famous attraction in the city as well as the Monkey Temple and many other fun and breathtaking destinations to visit.

Just minutes from Kathmandu are Pokhara where there are country lakes, quaint Tibetan villages and warm people to greet you on your arrival. And towards the end of your trekking tour is a visit to Chitwan where you can tour national parks with diverse animal and plant species.

Nepal tours are the best way to find the most enjoyable trekking tour to the Nepalese countryside and a tour of the great cities. Tours vary from a week to ten days long which includes all the interesting and memorable sites in Nepal that you can never cover all by yourself. And of course, Nepal tours are also famous for its extremely luxurious accommodations you can never expect to find with five star hotels,
guesthouses and holiday lettings fit for a single traveler or an entire family. So what are you waiting for?

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