How To Avoid The Google Slap – Keep Costs Low

The Google slap: it’s become one of the most dreaded phrases in an Internet advertiser’s vocabulary. Google charges high premiums for links which lead to sites with low or no content. The price is determined by a quality score, so if your site is simply a list of links with no content, or poor content obviously thrown together to avoid high prices, you’ll be paying through the nose for those clicks – up to $10 in some cases. This recent attempt to improve the quality of links has many advertisers wondering how to avoid the Google slap.

So how do you workaround the Buy Google Reviews Google slap without sacrificing your hard-earned cash? The best way is to improve the quality score of your site is by adding content. This should relate to your links to avoid frustrating people who click through to your site. It is necessary to write actual content and not just throw together jumbled keywords. Make the user’s visit to your site a pleasant one, and provide them with some useful information.

One has to publish contents separately from the advertisements as under the terms set by Google, mixing of contents and advertisements is not permitted. In case you want a visitor to your site to supply his or her email address to access contents on your website then you would have to provide a preview of the said contents that is how to avoid the Google slap in such matter.

Another way to improve your ranking on Google is to participate in a link exchange, in which you trade links with a high-traffic site to drive up traffic to your site. The only thing to remember is how to avoid the Google slap, and not link to landing pages or sites that post nothing but advertisements and don’t include content. An excellent suggestion to advertise these pages would be a traffic exchange.

Having problems with using Google? That is not uncommon for those just getting started with online advertising. Becoming well acquainted with Google’s terms of service is crucial, because it will allow you to avoid unexpected advertising costs while taking advantage of the moneymaking opportunities that internet marketing provides.

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