Introduction to Blogging

Just in case you are new to blogging or are just considering starting your own blog, or you have a blog and are just now considering monetizing your blog, I think a short introduction to what a blog is will be appropriate.

As the internet developed to become what it is today, many webmasters discovered that netizens wanted to know which websites had recently been updated and which had new information on them. Web surfers were searching new and exciting information and did not want to have to go check sites themselves to see if they had been updated recently myenvoyair. They wanted someplace they could go and see just what was new.

There were some pretty sharp programmers started posting logs on their own websites which told their site visitors which websites had recent updates or new information on them.

These weblogs, as they were called at that time, were like an informal directory of “what’s new” online Techlightzone. These weblogs, and the technology which powered them, eventually grew and changed to become the blogs of today.

A blog is simply a website which is written in a friendly news format which is frequently updated worldnewupdates. Rather than be a listing of new or updated websites, blogs came to be new news, and always changing websites in themselves.

A blog takes the same role online as your local television daily news program or newspaper do in their respective media types. Blogs are somewhere you go when you want new and interesting information on any given topic.

Blogging can be an incredibly rewarding activity. Some people start a blog to promote a business. Other people start a blog because they simply like the idea of having their own website and a blog is the easiest kind of website to start. Others blog because they have an agenda that they want to promote. Still others start blogs because they want to educate people about certain issues. Whatever your reason for blogging, there is one thing that all bloggers can agree on: finding content can be a big pain in the…you-know-where.

When you start blogging thinking of blog post topics will be easy. This is largely due to your level of enthusiasm over your new site. Most bloggers will write a few posts a day when they start out. As time goes on, however, finding things to blog about becomes more difficult. It is not unlike looking across the table at your husband and realizing that the funny story you were about to tell him is the same funny story you’ve told him fifty times and is probably bored with it.

The first place we go when we need to find blogging content is the news. We look at headlines in our local area first to see if anything piques our interest. Sometimes an article or a topic will jump out at us and give us enough ideas that we’ll have a few days worth of content for our blogs. Sometimes it is just a passing fancy that we mention only once. If no local news seems fitting for our blog (this will depend largely on your blog’s niche), then we move on to national news and then world news.

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