Let the Revolution Commence – Riddell Revolution Football Helmets

Football equals concussion. This is an equation that keeps players, coaches and parents to be always on guard. Whether it is amateurs or professionals, injuries are incurred by players every season. And this is not just the bruising or bleeding that is seen on the surface—serious internal injuries are present as well. An impact may and will prove fatal if delivered with a great deal of force. Having hormonal-charged high school students and egotistical professional football players in the field, this is inevitable. Building upon this fact, the leading manufacturer of football headgear introduced the new Riddell Revolution football helmets.

The Study

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center conducted a 3-year study among high school players, which demonstrates a considerable drop on the percentage that concussion will likely to occur. To be exact, the authors claim that players sporting the new Riddell Revolution football helmets were 31% less prone to experience concussion as weighed against those wearing the traditional headgear. The study also incorporates the symptoms, severity and the recovery period of a concussion. This part reflects that no matter the helmet type xem bong da truc tiep , such variable made no difference with regard the healing period of the players. Though such study shows great development and evaluation on the Riddell Revolution football helmets, Riddell Inc. still posts the warning that no helmet or headgear can stop each and every concussion that comes in the way of a football player. Michael Collins, one of the authors, extended such caution. Collins further stressed that players must be fully recovered before entering the field after a concussion. There is nothing more vulnerable than a football player impaired by a recent injury, to suffer the same fate for the second time.

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The Goal

The whole purpose of it all is to minimize the possibility of a concussion. It took the company more than 4 years before the Riddell Revolution football helmets came to being. This is not a simple project, knowing the intricacies of quality headgear, Riddell spent much time on the field as well as the laboratory to actually see if the new design would be at par with the standard of excellence maintained by the company and the expectations of the public towards such equipment.

The Sensitive Part

Most of the field related concussions are brought about by contact blows coming from the side of the head; this is one of the findings presented in a study partly sponsored by NFL charities. With such conclusion, Riddell proceeded to formulate, design and manufacture headgear that will provide further protection in the areas specified in the study. This gave birth to the structural change offered in the latest line of Riddell Revolution football helmets. Said alteration represents the first in virtually 25 years.

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