In 2031 the Arab Perennials Continue

The year is 2035 and nothing has changed despite all the promises of the administration, the conflicts and wars in the Middle East haven’t stopped, in fact they are coming more frequently now. Why? Well, it has been speculated that the insurgents, terrorist cells, and proxy sleeper terrorizers are merely reloading quicker due to new 3-D printing technologies. They make the guns onsite and are able to bring in truckloads of special 3-D printing material disguised as sand, gravel, and rocks and they make the guns, ammo, and rockets on-site, then as soon as they have 7.62×39 bulk ammo enough, they fire more rockets into Israel.

Of course, that has been going on now for generations, and the thirst for killing, Machiavellian politics, and hate in the area whether it be warlords, terrorists, kings, dictators, or gangs has really been going on for all of written recorded history for all we know, probably before that as well, we just don’t have anything written on parchment or carved into stone to prove it. This last month has just been terrible. The specially re-enforced carbon nanotube structures built by the US State Department and United Nations were hit with Dissimilation Devices or D2s and some had been completely leveled, even as UAVs took out one bad guy after another hiding in the crowd of protestors via facial recognition scanners.

It seems the more they take out the more replace them. The weirdest thing was all this reignited on the anniversary of 9-11, which was some 30 years ago now. The chief of the foreign affairs attache to the State Department in charge of its troops and special D2 Anti-Terrorist operations was worried that the terrorists might have also gotten ahold of anti-gravity weapons now, as one of the State Departments vehicles was lifted off the ground 200 feet and let go, falling to the ground. In a meeting with the President and other high-ranking Pentagon folks he said;

Might I suggest a leak in the State Department very high up as on Smirnoff’s very close staff assistants? Seriously, check it out and don’t say I didn’t say so, plus maybe this was planned, because the State Department wants to upgrade its own military force and this attack would justify it, otherwise why on Earth would it be so poorly guarded on 9-11 when they knew – everyone knew – Al Qaeda and other groups were still in the area with weapons? Hmm? Answer me that one.

Others in the room dismissed the idea completely, except for the top ranking intelligence professionals and Pentagon top brass – how come, what else did they know? – obviously something. One naysayer asked him;

So, you call this a conspiracy at the upper levels, not because you read spy novels, but because all the pieces point to it. Are you saying that our entire government leadership is broken down while President Erick Romanba plays golf, and we have amateurs running the place, you don’t think us folks in Washington DC are that stupid do you, we changed out the lead pipes in DC in2028, so it’s no longer effecting the brains of the leadership here that I know of.

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