Top Three Doll Companies From Which Every Girl Should Own a Doll

During the holiday season parents must decide what toys to buy for their child. How do you decide what dolls to place under the tree? Do you base your purchase on the latest trend, the doll that has been in production the longest, or the doll the experts say will be a collectible?

This strategy works for dolls and all sorts of items are advertised as collectible. Something becomes collectible because there is something that creates a desire for folks to buy and cherish the item. Advertising a collectible does not make it so ラブドール通販 . In the collecting world that usually makes an item less collectible and certainly not worth more than the price for which it was originally purchased.

Dolls and other toys marketed as part of a series hopes to motivate the collector in yourself and your child. My view is that all items in a series are not likely to be of interest, quality, or desire to own. I recommend passing up on the series unless the items which make up the series are available at the same time. In this way you can decide whether you are interested in the series and believe the”series”will be collectible. In my experience there is usually one toy or doll in a series that is more desired and thus more valuable than others.

The Madame Alexander company celebrated their 90th anniversary in 2013, having opened in 1923. The company produces specialty collections such as the Storybook Collection. They are famous for their beautiful jointed ballerina dolls, fashion dolls, movie, and international collection. The Company is also known for its newborn dolls, and 18 inch Favorite Friends dolls. There is an active Madame Alexander Doll Club, a signal the dolls are valued and worthy of collecting.

Founded in 1976, all the dolls and animals are designed by John and Susan Wright and produced in numbered limited editions at the R. John Wright workshop in Bennington, Vermont. The Wright Company is famous for their Disney Collection, Winnie The Pooh, Beatrix Potter Collection, Dolls from Childrens Literature and more. John Wright has been honored with awards presented for his outstanding design and artistry from associations around the world.

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