Sangethamobile Best Place to Buy the Vivo v21E Phone 

Vivo V21E is a mid-range smartphone manufactured by the Chinese manufacturer Shenzhen Zengui Vivo V21e . The smartphone has a dual imaging sensor, one camera and one text messaging unit. The smartphone comes with an integrated memory card, a microSD slot for additional storage expansion, a USB port, a radio, a speaker and a capacitive touch screen. The phone runs on the Linux operating system. The software features include VIA Server, Android OS and Tizen OS. To enhance the mobile web experience, Vivo also provides an application store called Vivo Phone Store.

The Vivo v 21E comes with an impressive list of features, which are: multimedia playing support, front-facing camera, multi-point scanning, photo editing support, games, video recording and Bluetooth. The front-facing camera has a high-definition camera sensor, whereas, the rear-facing camera has a lower-resolution camera. There is a total of 44MP rear shooter with auto focus, image stabilization, pan/tilt and zooming. This smartphone has a total of seven customizable widgets, namely: Weather, Contacts, Maps, Email, YouTube, Email and flashlight.

The Vivo v 21E has a total of eight customizable themes, namely: Theme Night, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Vintage, Grey and Romance. The phone has an extensive widget gallery, which offers the likes of calculator, MP3 player, clock, weather forecast, calculator and so on. The gallery can be accessed through the tap of a single button. Users can install their own widgets using the application called Draw Widget Manager, which is available in android-4.2.2 system.

On the other hand, the Vivo v 21E has a unique dual camera setup. Users can take both standard pictures and HD selfies with the aid of a second camera, which is placed behind the main camera. This is done by sliding the device out of the cradle and clicking on the second camera icon present on the phone’s home screen. With this dual camera setup, the user can take high quality selfies without any loss of resolution or quality. The Vivo v 21E offers a total of 23MP rear camera with laser Auto Focus, optical zoom and pan/tilt/zoom. It also comes with Simultaneous Shot mode, in which two shots can be taken simultaneously and the difference between them is automatically decided on the basis of the images taken.

The Oppo v 21E has a memory size of 3GB and is loaded with software such as, Exfat, Gemini and Superfish. It has a built in microSD slot which offers support for Micro SD cards. The battery has a capacity of twelve hours, which doubles up as the time it lasts in standby mode.

While buying the handset, make sure you buy it from a reliable online store so that you get the best possible price deal. You can compare prices on the device online as well and look for other relevant details on the product. With all the advantages offered by the Oppo vivo v 21E, you can be rest assured that it will not let you down when it comes to performance. The device is not only water resistant, but also offers a comprehensive range of features that make it a must have for anyone who wants to capture memories easily.

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