Web 2.0 Agonistes – My Head Is Spinning Like A Top

Wandering in the wilderness of tools for Social Networking has me scratching my head. YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, etc. What do I use and how do I use them? Of course I know that one should read the wealth of tutorials for each of these venues. Besides there are a lot of forums and online help aids available buy facebook page likes .

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For instance I want to come up to speed on YouTube. I have a wonderful handycam with hundreds of features – so I have decided to use this, since it has so many controls instead of a webcam. I learned however that I need an i Link, (IEEE 1394), 4-pin to 4-pin cable to connect my handycam with my PC. Well this is readily available through Radio Shack and fairly cheap. But it is something I have to wait to buy. I can create pictures right now with my handycam, but I have found that my photography stinks. Lighting, background, angle of view, etc. The cable is four times as cheap as a good webcam. In addition it is compatible with Windows Movie Maker.

On the way however I have found out that I am embarrassed to make a video in the first place. I was actually stuttering and having long pauses and weird facial gestures…well, so much for technical matters. But when I look at YouTube videos I have grown to view these authors as Zen masters or geniuses.

The real challenge is to have original content, which gives something of value to a viewer – even in an article such as this. Twitter has me amused – I haven’t a clue of what I am doing I follow people and people are following me but I haven’t yet anything for them to look at except my profile. I just “tweet” and introduce myself to be sociable.

I have used Facebook to communicate with an old friend. But that’s it so far. I haven’t even looked at MySpace yet. And viral propagation, and TrafficSwarms. Yes although I have been a systems engineer for 35 years I find myself taking baby steps.

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