When Can a Man Wear Banded Collar Shirts?

The banded dress shirt collar is purely an informal collar which is a great collar to wear for business casual. If you buttoned the top button for an extra formal look, you can wear the banded collar with the suitable blazer. It can also be worn un-buttoned and is great for a casual silk shirt or casual Linen Shirt. A banded collar is not just for the clergy.

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Millions of men go to office every day in a suit. For them, their choice of clothing can become very boring quickly. With only so many different colors of dress shirts and neckties to choose from, adding a whole new ensemble can really update their look CommeDesGarconShop . A banded collar dress shirt changes the appearance of a full suit and it is sharp, modern and stylish that every man can incorporate into his already existing wardrobe.

One of the interesting features about this piece of clothing is that the necktie can be left at home without compromising the professional appearance. Banded collars seem perfect with or without a blazer and some men are still picking to wear a sweater over one. In fact, you can even notice a banded shirt collar worn by a male model in a bridal magazine. It is a great modern look for a wedding day.

The color really depends on the man’s personal preference. Although many men feel better in a white collar shirt with strips for work hours, there are other colors that are equally appropriate. A light blue shirt looks good with almost all skin tones, as does Gray. Pink, red and Green, shirts are also available in this style. Many men like the looks of a banded pinstripes shirt collar. These look great with black pants or dark gray.

For a more casual look, this shirt style works very well too. Some men in their lives like the look of a shirt banded collar with a pair of jeans and a blazer overtop. In this case, a black shirt banded collar is incredibly sophisticated when teamed with dark denim and a black belt.

With a banded collar shirt, it’s incredibly important that the right size be worn. If it’s too small the shirt just won’t look right. Having the salesperson at the men’s store measure the shirt size is a great way to ensure that the shirt will always fit exactly right.

Caring for any dress shirt is relatively easy. Perhaps the easiest method and one that bachelors often employ is to drop the shirt off at the dry cleaners to be cleaned and pressed. This isn’t necessary with all banded collar shirts though, as many can be safely washed in a washing machine at home and dried flat. When taken care of, a shirt like this can get a lot of wear.

With a banded collar shirt, it is extremely important that the correct size be worn. When purchasing this piece it’s always a great idea to seek some professional help. It is surprising but mostly men do not know the right size of their body type. It is not very uncommon to see a man wearing a shirt with the top button undone. This is usually because the neck size is not large enough.

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