The 10 Critical Areas That Will Make Or Break a Good Online Dating Service Experience

Some individuals who sign-up for online dating services are finding out there is more to it than meeting their soul mate, the love-of-their-life 聊天. What they’re finding out is they will be paying a membership fee for months after they decide they don’t particularly like the dating service. With this thought in mind, there are several other important issues that need to be addressed before signing on the dotted line, or in the case of an online dating service, pulling out your credit card and filling out the application.

If you’re considering a dating service, here are some critical tips you need to keep in mind:

No. 1 Read the Terms of Service 相親香港. Not too many people pay attention to the Terms of Service. This is the tiny box that you “check mark” saying you read, understand and agree to the terms. Unfortunately, the majority of people don’t look at this at all – big mistake! Many people think there is a law protecting them and that they can get a refund if they don’t want the product or service. There are some states that may have this type of protection, but chances are, in this situation, you will not be covered. What happens then is you will be billed until the time specified in the contract is completed.

Keep in mind, some services will “automatically” renew your membership if you don’t cancel by a certain deadline. Know this beforehand to keep from paying for a service you don’t want.

No. 2 Remember the saying “Birds of a feather, flock together”. Make sure the online dating service caters to individuals who have the same interest as you. It’s more fun having a conversation with someone who likes a lot of what you like or knows a lot about things you are interested in speed dating 收費. Haven’t you been in situations where you were with someone and had nothing to talk about? That’s a very uncomfortable situation and certainly not a great beginning for finding your soul-mate. You don’t have to like everything or be involved in everything the other person is involved in or likes, but you do need a foundation to build upon.

No. 3 Consider the investment and the service offered by the dating service. They should be able to provide information on the cost of membership and, if there are different levels, how much and what extra services do they provide? How long is the membership? If you sign-up again, will you get a discounted price? What other services do they offer their members? Find out what recourse you have if you are dissatisfied with their service.

No. 4 – What is the geographical membership area? Find out if there are members in your particular area and get an approximate number. If you do meet someone from the same area, and develop an online friendship, it’s a lot easier to meet them in person if it’s not long distance.

No. 5 – Quality v. Quantity. The traditional dating services screen their members more closely and their membership fees are generally more than online dating services. The online dating service offers a less expensive membership which means they are less likely to screen their members. Some states are pushing for criminal background checks which enable the online dating service to alert their members of the danger. Criminals have ways of getting around the screening process. A major problem, then, is members may become less vigilant if they feel they are protected by the dating service becoming easy prey for the criminals.

No. 6 – Don’t be shy! Ask the service to give you the number of active members it has on file. Specifically, ask for the ratio of men to women and ask for their dating preferences. Also, ask for the number of members who meet your specific criteria.

No. 7 – Don’t waste your time. Does the service provide two-way matching? For instance, if you indicate you would be willing to date someone across the state, but the online dating service only provides you with individuals who have expressed a preference for dating members within a 15 mile radius, then your chance of success will be much lower.

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