Using CBT For Emotional Healing of Victims of Sexual Abuse

There are some instances and aspects of life that are very unfortunate. These are things that make you sad and also quite upset, but what can be done? These are facts of life. Take for example the case of sexual abuse.

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There are millions of people whose lives have been ruined because of the sexual abuse they may have encountered. This is something that could have occurred during childhood too. Child victims of sexual abuse have it especially rough as they grow up with a sense of unfounded shame and guilt. This can come in the way of effective living and in some serious cases, scars for life. This is one of the main reasons why there is an increasing trend of treating victims of sexual abuse using CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy CBT Web Scraper.

CBT has been widely accepted around the globe as an effective means of behavior and emotional management and alteration. The linkage between thoughts and emotions and actions has long been well established around the globe by psychiatrists and medical research. We do and feel as we think, because our thoughts influence the way we fell and the way we act. Victims of self abuse are afflicted by thoughts of self uselessness, self guilt and worthlessness. This is why they feel terrible and low, depressive and sometimes suicidal also. All of this calls for urgent attention from a CBT counselor or therapist.

CBT aims at effecting emotional and behavioral healing and restitution using thought modification. It acknowledges the fact that I you change your thoughts and outlook, you can change feelings and actions too. That is why a CBT counselor tries to help patients to go over their thought patterns and bring about modification in what they think. This is the way the patient would be able to have better feelings and also act better.

With CBT, patients of sexual abuse can be convinced that they were not at fault for the sexual abuse that they encountered. They can also be taught to replace their self deprecating and guilty thoughts with thoughts of self worth and acceptance. This infuses new confidence in the mind of the patient who can then feel more accepted in society. The process of CBT is not a quick fix and will need time and effort. But it is worth it as it does pay off in terms of emotional healing and wholesomeness.

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